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My name is Patrycja, I’m from Poland and I’m studying BA Computer Animation Art and Design at BU.

How did I become an International Student Ambassador?

Before starting uni, I got an email invitation to apply for a job as an International Student Ambassador. I thought it might be interesting to give tours around campus and write blogs about my student experience. I wanted to share my story with people who might be hesitating about whether or not to go and study abroad, as I personally found these things very useful before coming to university.

What do I do? – Being a part of a social media core group

One part of my job as a Student Ambassador is contributing to social media, mainly Instagram. I find this work really interesting and different from anything I’ve done previously. I belong to the core group of 5 ambassadors. We all meet up and talk about what our next posts could be and we take turns in creating posts and stories on Instagram so there is a variety of content. This also allows us to focus more on our studies. We also answer people’s questions and comments. We try our best to share our own experiences and useful tips, as well as covering many events that happen on campus and around Bournemouth.

The fact that we are a group of students from a variety of different countries, studying different things, gives us a wide perspective and we try to be very passionate about what we do and deliver useful content to prospective and current students. It is really nice to work in a group as we can share ideas among each other. Each person has their own hobbies and skills so we can show BU from different sides which might be good for different people. I personally remember checking blogs and stories from students that I found to be similar to me.

Why do I think this job is important?

I think that contributing to social media as a Student Ambassador is a really important job. A lot of people, myself included, check the social media feeds of universities before they decide to go there. It provides valuable information, and allows you to get an insight into student life to check if you will like it and fit in. Due to this, it is really important to deliver suitable content and I think it is much better when it is done by current students, for authenticity. It also allows us to express the real BU atmosphere and show the wide array of things at Bournemouth Uni as each one of us uses different facilities and sees different aspects of the university.

Why do I love my job?

Social media is hugely popular and posts may help some people to find their dream university. Being able to help people achieve that feels amazing and it is the reason why I really like my job as an International Student Ambassador. When I think that my posts might assist someone in going to their dream university, or to study abroad (which is a great experience,) or to try something interesting at BU, I am so proud. I like meeting and helping people and would love to hear that someone has decided to go for their dreams and found their place on Earth just like I did last year when I joined Bournemouth University.

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