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Jenny Schwender, Germany

Since I was 12 years old, I knew that I wanted to do something related to film and media after school because of my passion for writing, I decided that scriptwriting might be the right path for me. When it was time to decide on where to study, my first instinct was to search for universities in Germany, my home country, but I soon realized that none of them truly felt fitting.

I started researching universities in the UK and when I came across BU I instantly had a good feeling about it, first of all because the course scriptwriting for film and television sounded like everything I had unsuccessfully looked for in other universities and secondly because BU seemed so welcoming and inclusive on their website.

I convinced my parents to visit the university for an open day in November and we were blown away by the modern campus and facilities, the talks and lecturers and the people in general. One thing I especially loved was the diversity on campus. Seeing so many people from so many different countries and cultures made me feel a lot more at ease since I wasn´t the only one not from the UK. After spending all day on campus, we managed to take a very small, but still very convincing glimpse at the town itself, which I instantly fell in love with.

View of Talbot Campus at nightAfter the open day, I knew that BU was the place I wanted to study at and when I got my conditional offers, it was not a hard decision to make it my first choice. After I finally got my grades and knew I would officially go to Bournemouth University, I knew it was definitely the right choice for me and now, two months in, I would still say exactly the same. The course, the town and the people are amazing and I don’t regret anything about my choice.

Jen Schwender, Germany, BA (Hons) scriptwriting for film and television

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