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Keeping fit and healthy should be an important part of everyone’s lifestyle, particularly if you’re a student. If you’ve got exams or assignments coming up then keeping active is essential because a healthy body is key to a healthy mind. It’s even been said that exercise can actually encourage the growth of new brain cells and let’s face it, when it comes exams we want all the help we can get!

So what is the best way to keep fit? I’ve rounded up a variety of ways you can stay active in Bournemouth even if you’re on a budget.

Join a gym

Some people love it and some people hate it, but joining a gym can be a really good way to stay active or reach a fitness goal. Luckily, in Bournemouth students can get discounted memberships so you don’t need to part with much of your precious coin. Better Gym, which is positioned very close to BU’s halls of residence and adjoined to the infamous ASDA, only charges £13 per month for students. Or if you’d prefer to use a gym on campus, Sport BU charge £25 per month.

Going to the gym with your friends or house mates is a great way to keep you motivated and help you stay on track. You can train together and suggest new exercises or routines to try out.

My housemates and I try to go to the gym at least 3 times a week

Walking to uni

This is a really simple way to keep active and it’s completely free! You may not think of it as exercise, especially if it only takes you about 15mins to walk there but it all adds up. The UK Chief Medical Officers recommend adults do at least 150 minutes a week of moderate physical activity – one way of achieving this would be walk 30 minutes on five days a week. Your 15 minute walk to uni and back will count for your 30mins daily count!

If you live further away from uni and need to take the bus then consider getting off a few stops earlier and walking the rest of the way. That way you get some exercise and you might even save money on a cheaper bus fare.

Running/cycling along beach

If running/jogging or cycling is your thing then where better to live than by a beach. You can stay fit by going for a run or a nice cycle ride along the promenade while enjoying the lovely coastal views. Once again, this isn’t something you have to do on your own. Get your friends involved and make a day out of it, you could even treat yourself to some Harry Ramsden’s chips at the end of the trip if you’ve worked hard…

Isn’t this just the most beautiful place to go for a run?

Fun activities

Exercise doesn’t have to be boring either. Find a local swimming pool or even a trampoline park as a fun alternative way to stay active. Not only do you burn a lot of calories from both activities, it can be a really enjoyable thing to do with your mates on a low budget.

Hopefully some of these ideas will help you get fit and relieve any stress you may be feeling. Let us know about any other ideas you have to stay fit in Bournemouth in the comments below!

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