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2nd year

BSc (Hons) Games Technology

When it comes to employability, be it looking for a placement or graduate jobs, BU has got all the right resources up its sleeve. I am in my second year and looking for a placement, as every second year student will be, and the placement coordinator for our faculty is conducting regular workshops regarding CVs and cover letters. The help doesn’t stop there, there will be workshops to point you right in the direction as to where to look for placements, for both big and small companies. Remember, this will be conducted throughout the whole year so be sure to attend them and ask whatever questions you feel necessary. If you are not comfortable asking questions in front of everyone, they are ready for one-to-one sessions with students too. So, you see, there’s something for everyone’s specific needs.

In addition to that, there’s the Careers & Employability Service where the career officers are always ready to give advice whenever you feel the need to approach them, so remember to book your appointment. Pro tip, pop in to The Edge Student Development Centre and get your hands on as many guide books as possible for the top companies across the UK.

Besides all this, BU has opportunities for your all round development. To make your CV stand out amongst the crowd in the eyes of global employers, there’s the Global Talent Programme and the Global BUddies Programme. These programmes are designed to give students a range of activities covering different fields to add to their CV and focuses on nurturing your all round development so that you can be truly ‘global’in the eyes of employers, as they are always looking for something extra.

So, the bottom line is that when it comes down to resources BU is not lacking on any front. Should you ask for it, they are ready to provide you with anything and everything you need. Make sure to make good use of all of it.

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