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When Kiratsinh (Kirat) Jadeja decided he wanted to pursue a career in digital effects, there was only ever one choice for where he would study.

“BU’s Digital Effects course is renowned worldwide,” he said. “From recruitment heads of premier studios on LinkedIn to CG Forums, everyone recommended Bournemouth.

“I still remember asking a technical director at Double Negative back in 2012 if he could recommend a good course anywhere in the world and he said he’d put Bournemouth first.

“That is when I was convinced that I had to be at BU. In fact, BU was the only university I applied to. I was truly blinded by their student reels, curriculum and alumni who are today on the forefront of the VFX industry.”

Kirat travelled from his home in Ahmedabad, India to study for an MA in Digital Effects at BU in 2013 and says his time here was “some of the best days in 25 years of my life.”

“I would go to Bournemouth University 1000 times in 1000 lifetimes,” he said. “I will always cherish the memories, the wonderful campus, community and beautiful friends that I made during my time there.”

“Our educators were very supportive and always looked to nurture our talents in any way they could. They gave personal attention and advice to each and every student – which made us feel cared for.

“They believed in us, and their faith and encouragement has brought results and will continue to do so.”

That’s certainly the case for Kirat, who is now back in India working as a freelance digital compositor for companies around the world, as well as a house photographer with Getty Images.

His work has been licensed by the likes of Microsoft, Penguin Publishers, and Turkish Airlines among others.

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