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Name: Ryan Delmo

Course: MSc IT

Where are you from? Philippines

Placement Company: Bournemouth University

Where was your placement and what was your role?

I worked in the IT Services Department as an IT Service Desk Analyst

What was your strategy for finding a placement? How did you get the job?

Four months before the deadline of submitting a confirmed placement, I started applying for at least one job a week on MyCareerHub. I was also signing up to weekly notifications on other job search websites.

I went to employer events at BU and found it useful to get to know companies and ask what kind of graduates they were looking for. When I made my application, I was able to tailor it according to information I had got from the job events.

What did you find most difficult when you were looking for a job? How did you overcome these difficulties?

Some companies were looking for students that are settled in the UK, meaning that they would not require a visa – some like to invest in a student that they can keep after the placement. I found this frustrating. I invested time trying to understand the company by reading how they hire applicants outside the EU. Companies such Deloitte, JP Morgan, IBM, Google and universities don’t have visa requirements.

What do you think helped you get the placement? (e.g. Extra-curricular activities at BU, volunteering, study/work abroad, etc.)

I was IT Student Ambassador at BU and I think this is what made my application stand out. I also did some volunteering, helping other students at university and in the public library.

Also, my experience working with elderly people in care greatly improved my interpersonal skills and this helped me in the interview. I gave examples about my experience in the care home, which included showing patience with difficult people and situations.

How do you think the Placement helped you professionally?

The placement has helped to change my goal and career path. It has exposed my true potential and allowed me to know my limits and strengths. This was a good opportunity for me try out what I have learned at university.

The greatest achievement I had from my placement is getting a permanent job – BU IT Services took me on.

What tips would you give to other International students considering placement now?

All international students who would like to work in the UK should consider applying for a placement. They need to start finding one as soon as they arrive. Although competition is high, don’t get put off if things are not going your way.

Attend careers and employer events. Contact your interviewer and ask for feedback.

I ask my English classmates and language teachers at BU to read my application letter, resume and make comments on it. You could also book a one-to-one interview or borrow a book from BU careers office if you need to.

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