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BA (Hons) Communication & Media


Wake up and feel ridiculously happy and impressed that I have woken up two minutes before my alarm. Two minutes of sleepy pillow time before I have to get up and face the world….


Showered and dressed, and now for the arguably most important occasion of the day: breakfast. There’s nothing better than a pimped-up bowl of porridge and a chance to look through today’s headlines.


After having a small laugh at the ridicule of the day’s headlines, I check through my emails and try and plan out the day.  This morning is free of lectures or seminars so it is a good time to crack on with research for a group presentation whilst trying to work my way around google slides.


I have decided that google slides is a saviour: Sharing the document means that everyone in the group can edit and add things from the comfort of our own homes – I wouldn’t be surprised if the rest of the group were still in bed…


Arrive at uni and silently revel in the fact that my bike lights that are stuck on with sticky tape have survived the journey there (and haven’t fallen out in the middle of the road only to be crushed by an oncoming car like my previous lights). I head to the fusion building to grab a coffee and meet with the other features editors of the Nerve Online magazine to plan out what articles we want to publish this week and how we are going to source out for more writers and ideas.


Bike light still hanging on!


Buzzing after a productive meeting, I grab a chicken and chorizo panini and get to the lecture theatre to realise that three other people I am sitting with also have chicken and chorizo paninis… it must be a media thing….


Comfy sofas ideal for group chinwags 🙂


Mind feeling slightly frazzled after an information overload, I find some comfy seats with my presentation group and have a run through of the ten minute presentation we have to prepare for the beginning of next week. Luckily, someone else in the group is a technological extraordinaire and has made the presentation really visual and funky.


Home at last and time to quickly eat something before heading off to a gig. I decide on a cheese omelette (delicious and nutritious) and spend the next half an hour messing around in the kitchen, aiming to bring out my culinary talents…


Just finished singing at the pub quiz gig, the night is still young and there is still petrol in the car so I decide to head to the open mic night at Buffalo Bar in Winton, dragging along my faithful friend and guitarist with me…



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