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BA (Hons) Economics

I am currently half way through my first semester at BU in the framework of Accounting & Finance. Now, you may be thinking, where does Economics come in? At BU, whether you are an Economics student or an Accounting/Finance student you will all study the same units in the first year. To start with, this may be strange. Currently I am taking three units, Economics for Accounting and Finance, Introduction to Accounting and Professional Studies & Quantitative techniques. All these units work really well together. For example, for those like me that have studied Economics before will find the unit fairly easy but will be challenged by the Accounting unit. The opposite is true for those who have studied Accounting/Finance before. The third unit is a series of guest lectures which are very valuable in different ways. For example, different companies will present/share their advice and skills with you. You will benefit from learning professional ethics, letter writing and employability skills. My favourite guest was Angus Farr from ‘Training Counts Ltd’ who shared his tips and knowledge regarding graduate employment. I remember leaving this workshop feeling prepared for my chosen career path. I knew exactly what I needed to do in order to make a professional quality impression and work towards being a strong candidate.

Studying with this framework is good for those who are unsure of what they wish to pursue as a career but are interested in the professional/financial aspects of the world. Even if you select Economics in your first year, when the time comes to specialise (second year) you may wish to change your mind. There are so many possibilities here at BU, which is why it is such a good quality degree. For example you could study Project Management, Tax and Accounting or Economics and Finance, both single and joint degrees are available. For me, I know I am most passionate about Economics, however I am keeping an open mind in all units as I may discover a hidden interest. I have chosen to study Economics in the mean time because of how engaging it is with the real world. I like to be aware of my surroundings and to understand them on an advanced level. Economics is not only a financial subject, it carries management, history, trade, science, psychology and geography with it too which explains why it is such a valuable degree to have.

Despite only being a student at BU for just over a month now, I can tell that my course is preparing me for the professional field in which I wish to build my career. I have already been assessed in many ways. So far, I have been tested through an exam, multiple choice questions, timed accounts and seminar questions. For me, I am more successful in verbal assessments such as presentations. At BU I am allowed to show my skills in many different ways which is why I am so keen to succeed as I am given a fair chance.

By Katrina Eastwood

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