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Alice Fiancet talks about balancing a job with study and the pros and cons of part-time work in Bournemouth…

Having a part-time job can be challenging, worthwhile and rewarding… if you can get the balance right. And it’s a great way of ensuring you still have some cash come the end of Freshers’ week…

There are so many different types of jobs that you can get as a student from being a PAL leader to working behind the bar at a local club. Having a part-time job at uni is all about one thing – time management; you should be able to balance the workload you have at uni with the hours you do at work.

I have worked for one of the bars in the town for the last few months and I can tell you it is both tiring and rewarding. I don’t always look forward to a 10pm-5am shift, as I’m the kind of person who likes to sleep at night, not during the day, but the money and extra incentives keep me going.

There is such a diverse range of places you can get a job in Bournemouth; there are tonnes of shops in town and the surrounding areas, so you’re spoilt for choice. And if you do already work in a retail shop, you could try asking your boss if you could be transferred to a store nearer to your halls. The great thing about working in retail is that you don’t have to worry about the cost of a taxi to take you home at the end of the night. If however, you do live in halls in the centre of town and don’t mind working on Friday and Saturday nights earning money while your friends spend all theirs, then maybe bar work is for you.

Alternatively, you could get a job on campus, which is great because you don’t have to worry about getting time off during the holidays. You could apply for a job at Dylan’s, the student bar, or the student shop at uni, but if you want a job there get in quickly because everyone wants that guaranteed Christmas holiday! Being a student rep for the local clubs is another option. You earn good money and can even make use of the discounts when you go out -which your flatmates and new friends will love you for, trust me!

For those of you who just want a little extra cash every once in a while but don’t want restricted working hours or a contract, being a student ambassador could be your thing. There is something for everyone. You could write blogs, help out at Open Days, or work as a tutor or mentor at one of the local schools. Plus it looks great on your CV!

Just make sure you get yourself into a routine and get used to juggling work and uni so as not to fall behind.

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