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I had never been to Bournemouth University until I actually moved into halls, so my decision on where to live was quite spontaneous and I chose the Student Village. I moved into a 7 bedroom house, which was one of the biggest ones, with two other girls and four guys in the “lively” part of the village.

Moving away from home does take some time to get used to. My room was basically a tiny cupboard and it took me some time to get used to live in such a small space compared to home. Especially as I had to move literally all my belongings there in one go. Being from Austria, I could not just drive home over the weekend to swap over some clothes. Something else that I had to get used to was sharing a bathroom and kitchen with complete strangers who weren’t always the cleanest people!

Despite this, if you’re about to move into the village then you are lucky to benefit from some amazing advantages. Number one being that you can just roll out of bed 15 minutes before your 9am lecture and still be there on time! Reason number two – if you are having a really lazy day you can stay in your PJ’s all day long without having to get on a bus to go to uni or a bus to go food shopping. As long as you don’t need to fill your entire fridge you can easily pop to Premier in your onesie and no one will care! Or you can even have your shopping delivered!

Additionally, theIMG_3262 village is very sociable. Everyone knows everyone, which makes sharing a taxi after a night out really handy. If you loose your friends or want to go home early, it’s likely that you will find other people from the village who also want to hit the hay.

If I was a fresher again I would have headed to the beach more often. Bournemouth’s beaches are stunning but the fresher-sloth-syndrome often kept me in the village or the university area, which isn’t really bad but hey, there is a beach! Embrace it! As long as you don’t hide in your cupboard of a room you will have an unforgettable first year – just make the most of it!

By Elisabeth Wurzer

Originally published by Nerve Media.

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