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BSc (Hons) Games Technology

Benny's-storyMeet our new vlogger, Benny Sing! He’s just joined us to study BSc (Hons) Games Technology, and he’ll be sharing his story over the next year. Watch his first vlog to see Benny moving into the Student Village and getting a first look at our Talbot Campus…

4 Responses to “Benny’s story: The first step”

  1. Premal Karavadara

    Dear Benny,

    I am going to be applying for Bournemouth for next years entry and was wondering if you could just tell me about your application process, if you had a interview, if you needed to have a portfolio and if I could know your as level grades please, as mine may not be up to scratch.
    Kind Regards

    • Benny

      Hey Premal!

      Glad to hear you’re applying to Bournemouth! Ok so, with regards to the application…I went through UCAS which your sixth form/ college will help you through it. If you’re not applying through your school you should still apply via UCAS at They have a step by step guide on there to help you through it. I personally did not have an interview but i think you should check on the BU prospectus. I didn’t have a portfolio but I’m sure having one will be a great addition to your UCAS application! With regards to your AS Level Grades, naturally these grades will be ones the university will look at (I think) but ultimately its the A level results that count the most so all I say is if you really want to come work hard!! Do the best you can, work hard, study hard and you will be able to enjoy the beautiful sunshine once you come here next year! And hey if you see me around campus don’t be afraid to say Hi because I’ll be sure to congratulate you in person! I will be making a vlog regarding Games Technology so if you’re applying for the same course be sure to check it out!

      All the best Premal,


  2. Mark Attwood

    Hey Benny, i got an offer for Games Tech and im gonna firm it, was just wondering what your opinion is on the course? and like what you get to do in each year, that sort of thing? thank you!

  3. Benny

    Hey Mark!

    Congrats on getting the offer!! I personally love it! I made a vlog as well called “Why I love Games Tech at BU” ! I’m currently coming to the end of term 2 in my First year so I can only tell you my experience up until now. So one key thing you need to take note about this course is the independent learning that comes with it. Sure, you’ll get the basics taught to you by the lecturer but you will definitely be required and encouraged to do more on your own time. For example, today I just handed in a programming assignment which was to make a game (exciting stuff!). Having the basics down allowed me to understand the language and how to go about writing the code but stuff like how to check if player has collided with an enemy or not for example will require modification of say an if statement. Basically, be prepared to find things out yourself and not get everything given to you like in school! Of course, the lecturers do set up support sessions so you can find them and have a 1 to 1 for help.

    Hope I’ve managed to answer your question Mark and do say hi if we meet on campus next year!!

    All the best! ( Just realised i end my messages like this haha)


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