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By Bradley Ransom

2nd year BU Student, BA (Hons) Business Studies

Hey guys, my name is Bradley and I’m a 2nd year student at Bournemouth University living in Winton (10 mins walk from uni). Bournemouth is an inspirational place where you can take part in loads of free activities to fill up your spare time between assignments and revision.

There are parks and football pitches all over the place so if you want to have a kick about with your mates or relax and sunbath you’re never short of places to go!

Of course if you would rather sunbath by the sea, Bournemouth’s beaches were awarded 8 blue flags making it the best beach in the whole of the UK (Bournemouth Tourism) Lined with beach huts and famous for its remarkable pier the beach offers something for everyone; arcades, cafes, surfing lessons, shops, restaurants, deck chairs… the list goes on.

If you like to skate or BMX there are loads of locations and skate parks for you to do so, I even skate to and from uni every day! Alternatively, take a look at the velodrome if you’re a keen cyclist!! And all of this is free!!!

Bournemouth gardens, situated in the heart of the city centre and the gateway to the beach are kept in pristine condition and offer the best landscapes for those who like to relax or need inspiration for an assignment.

As well as these outdoor activities there are also a number of free extra-curricular activities available to students studying at Bournemouth that are easy to sign up to and a great way to meet new friends. In my spare time I study German and Spanish totally free of charge. The university also offer courses in French, Italian, Arabic, and mandarin Chinese at all levels ranging from beginner to Practioner and all courses are led by students.

You might also want to sign up to one of the challenges offered and paid for by the university. I’m on the business studies course and I competed in a team against other universities in the IBM University Business Challenge and the Enterprise ‘RiseTo’ challenge. These things also look great on your CV! Also, if you want to expand your computer skills, there are free IT lessons taught by professionals in Bournemouth Uni’s Executive Business Centre.

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    • sroberts

      Hi Anita

      Unfortunately we don’t offer any taught language courses at Bournemouth University although we do support those who are students at BU and wish to learn a language though the BU Language Centre. This provides various self-taught languages including Chinese Mandarin. If you are a current student and wish to study a taught language we offer a few suggestions on our website for how to go about this along with funding opportunities through the Global Horizons Fund.

      I hope this information has been useful.

      All the best



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