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By Bradley Ransom

2nd year BU Student, BA (Hons) Business Studies

Before starting University I often thought hard about how things would work out when I got there. I went travelling after finishing my A-levels and moved into a flat in a BU Halls of Residence, Chesil House (2nd newest halls of residence in Bournemouth) shortly after I returned. I met so many people whilst away, and developed my social skills to a whole new level, yet before I started here my biggest fear was being in a position where I couldn’t meet like-minded people… When travelling it’s easy to change your plans and stick around with people that you like, and it’s even easier to go elsewhere if you meet people you aren’t as fond as.

I started uni worrying that once I moved into my new accommodation, if I didn’t get on with my housemates, I would find myself in inescapable solitude. The truth is that every other person who’s starting University is in the same boat, and even if you don’t live with similar people you have an infinite number of opportunities to meet people who are.

The social network in Bournemouth is so well developed that you have the chance to meet hundreds of people. From the very first day I started meeting all the people who I am friends with now and I’ve never had a closer group of friends in my life! I met most of them through playing football, learning languages (for free!), attending seminars/lectures, becoming a Uni ambassador and plenty more. The wide range of extra-curricular activities available at Bournemouth provide the opportunity to  work, play and learn with students from all different backgrounds and nationalities, for example I have friends from Norway, America, Singapore, China, Iran, Italy and the list goes on.

Most importantly, no matter how you look at it, everybody is in the same situation and if you want to make friends then you will. Even if it seems like the people you meet initially aren’t on the same wavelength, the students here are so diverse that the next people you meet probably will be. Just take everything as it comes, and enjoy!

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