Ramona Wagner

Ramona started her tourism degree in Germany and completed a placement in a destination marketing agency which was the start for her interest in destination marketing and management. In 2010, she moved over from Germany to finish her undergraduate degree in International Tourism Management at Bournemouth University in order to broaden her knowledge about the tourism industry and use the vast opportunities the university has to offer. During her final year, she gained a deeper insight into the tourism industry and chose to write her dissertation about sustainable aviation and impacts on consumers’ travel behaviour.

Because of the university’s excellent reputation for tourism degrees, Ramona decided to continue her studies in Bournemouth by starting a Masters in Tourism Management and Marketing in 2011. Especially the focus on e-tourism and marketing laid to a particular interest in future technologies and applications for e-destinations as well as everything relating to social media. It only seemed right for her to base the thesis in the field of e-tourism as this intensive research in the field would give her industry insights and broaden her e-tourism knowledge. Currently, Ramona is writing her dissertation on “Global best practice of e-destination technologies and applications to meet future demands. Benchmark of e-destinations”.

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