Dr. Nao Li (Visiting Researcher)

Dr. Nao Li is a Visiting Researcher from the Institute of Tourism, Beijing Union University, China, researching agent-based simulation modeling of visitor recreational behaviours in attractions.

Dr. Nao Li is an Association Professor in the Institute of Tourism, President Assistant of the Academy of Tourism Development and Director of the Institute of IT & Tourism, Beijing Union University, China. She is a Visiting Researcher of Bournemouth University, UK. She got her PhD in Computer Science and Technology from Institute of Software, China Academy of Science, China, her MSc in Computer Science from Edinburgh University, UK, and her BEng in Computer and Application from the Beijing University of Science and Technology, China.

She is leading a project funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and a project funded by the Science and Technology Development Plan of Beijing Municipal Education Commission, researching agent-based simulation modelling for visitor recreational behaviours in attractions. She is also leading the National Smart Tourism Attraction Working Guidance and led drafting National Pilot Smart Tourism City for China National Tourism Administration. She has also been participating in a number of National Natural Science Foundations of China, the National High Technology Research and Development Program of China, the Key Project of the National Eleventh-Five Year Research Program of China, engaging in research of agent-based automatic negotiation technologies and rule-based workflow modeling.

She was previously Senior Consultant and Product Manager in the e-government at Digital China, China, engaging in presale, project management and product research and development for large-size IT projects such as Citizen Cards, City Information Resource Management, City Emergency Management, City or Park IT Planning, etc. She used to be a Software Engineer and a Project Manager at Forlink Software Corporation Inc., engaging in requirement, acquirement and analysis, system analysis and design of China Mobile Business Operations Support System.

Dr. Nao Li is interested in all the things which can promote the development of academic research and practical application in eTourism. She also loves travelling and exploring local architectures, cultures, and cuisines.

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