Dr Christos Gatzidis

Dr Christos Gatzidis

I am a Senior Lecturer in Creative Technology at Bournemouth University (School Of Design, Engineering And Computing) where I have also been in the past the course co-ordinator for the Games Technology and Media Technology undergraduate degrees as well as the Computer Games Technology postgraduate Masters course. Currently I am the Framework Leader for the Creative Technology framework, which encompasses all of the aforementioned degrees as well as other ones fitting this particular theme such as, for example, the Music And Audio Technology course.

Additionally, I am a Visiting Research Fellow at the School Of Informatics, Department of Information Science, City University London, where I completed my PhD, titled “Evaluating Non-Photorealistic Rendering for 3D Urban Models in the Context of Mobile Navigation”. Furthermore, I have a Masters in Arts in Computer Animation from Teesside University and a BSc in Computer Studies (Visualisation) from the University of Derby.

I have contributed to several refereed conference, book and journal publications and am also a member of the advisory board of the Bentham Open Virtual Reality and IGI Global International Game-Based Learning journals. In addition to that, I have served as an international program committee member for several conferences.

In my capacity as a Senior Lecturer at Bournemouth University I regularly deliver short courses on topics such as games development and game design. Recently awarded research grants include the EU-funded Leonardo Transfer of Innovation GameiT project (250,000 Euros across 7 partners) which focused on a pedagogy framework for game-based learning in educational settings.

Finally, I am a member of the following association bodies; IEEE, ACM, IET, Eurographics and SIGGRAPH.


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