Dr Alessandro Inversini

Alessandro Inversini has a PhD in Communication Science from the Università della Svizzera italiana (2010), and a Master in Communication Sciences and Communication Technologies in 2004. At the beginning of his career he worked as researcher at TEC-LAB (www.tec-lab.ch) and NewMinE Lab (www.newmine.org), at the School of Communication Science (University of Lugano – www.unisi.ch).
In January 2011, Alessandro was appointed as managing director of Ticinoinfo SA, a public-private company active in the field of technological innovation, ePromotion and eMarketing in tourism(i.e. The New Media in Tourism Competece Center) at regional level (Ticino region, Southern Switzerland). During this experience he maintained a very good relationship with the university laboratory he has directed, continuing to supervise master theses, lecturing and doing research as an associate.
In September 2012 Alessandro was appointed as Lecturer in Marketing and Media Communication for Events and Leisure at the School of Tourism of Bournemouth University. He is currently teaching marketing and communications related course and he is involved in a series of project related with his research interests. His research interests are where communication, new media and tourism overlap, ranging from online tourism communication eMarketing and ePromotion, web 2.0 paradigms of interaction, onine reputation, search engine optimization, online communication, user oriented interface design, users’ motivations, web quality, eLearning solutions.

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