eTourism videos by BU eTourism Lab

eTourism Dynamics | WTM 2014

World Travel Market London

Critical Technology and Marketing developments – eTourism futures 2014

Presentation by Professor Dimitrios Buhalis

Digital Destinations

Presentation by Philip Alford

Gamification in Tourism

Presentation by Jessica Weber


Presentation by Fei Fei

Technology Enabled Tourism Experience

Presentation by Barbara Neuhover

Augmented Reality in Tourism

Presentation by Zornitza Yovcheva

Cocreation in the festival context

Presentation by Ivana Rihova

eWord of Mouth

Presentation by Vicky Loi


Presentation by Soultana Symeonidou

Real Time service or the Service of Now

Presentation by Nicolas Gregory


Presentation by Philip James

Digital Marketing

Presentation by Rowena Nathan

The Restaurant of the Future through Technology Innovations

Professor Dimitrios Buhalis presentation at International Seminar at Lamego, Portugal 2012

eTourism Innovation in Digital Era – June 2013

eTourism Futures presentation at Timeshare Conference

eTourism strategies 2020

Professor Dimitrios Buhalis inaugural lecture

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