Bournemouth University eTourism Lab videos

Christopher Rodrigues CBE Guest Lecture

Hosted by the Department of Tourism and Hospitality, VisitBritain’s chairman Christopher Rodrigues, visited Bournemouth University to give a guest lecture to staff and students on Great Britain’s tourism strategy.

EPSRC Balance Network: Digital work-life-balance: ‘Going off the grid’: Can employees really switch off during travel?”

Barbara Neuhofer and Dimitrios Buhalis interview for BBC

Dimitrios Buhalis about Research at Bournemouth University

Interview with Dimitrios Buhalis – Dimitrios Buhalis is professor of Tourism at Bournemouth University and here talks about how technology is changing tourism and travel.

Mission: 3 academic conferences, 3 countries, 6 days

Bournemouth University’s Dr Dimitrios Buhalis travels relentlessly to deliver 3 key note speeches, at 3 different 2-day conferences in 3 different countries in just 6 days. Phew!

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