NUS Teach In Launch at BU

In the week of 19th-23rd February, the first national “SDG Teach In” campaign will run to raise awareness of why Education for Sustainable Development should be at the heart of HE, and help catalyse the change needed to make this happen. The Teach In is a chance to try out using the SDGs in teaching, and although it is not a long term pledge, will hope to prove how useful and important these goals are to understand in the context of an HE course.

From surveys which have been carried  out over the past six years we know that 60% of students across the nation, regardless of discipline, want to learn more about sustainability. In addition to this, 78% of BU students surveyed have said they would like the topic of sustainable development covered and promoted more in their courses.

On Friday 26th January, 1-2pm in F306, academics are being invited along to come and hear about the UN SDGs and about the Teach In campaign. There will be an outline of the overall campaign, CEL competition, and also some examples of how BU academics have already been using innovative methods to educate students about the SDGs at BU.

If you would like to attend the launch event please register your interest by emailing





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