Reasons to choose BU

Employment rates As much as going to uni is fun, the real reason us students spend our time and money studying is so that we can get on the career ladder. When I was nearing graduation from my undergrad degree at BU the worldwide financial crisis had already reared its ugly head, but my BA… Read more »

Why I chose to do a Master’s

I wanted to do my undergraduate degree in Maritime Archaeology – only offered at Bournemouth. However, the year before I applied was the last year they offered it and I was left thinking, ‘what am I going to do now?!’ After researching, I discovered that at that time, three universities in the country offered a… Read more »

Ten things I’ve learnt so far

When I get asked about the things I’ve learnt about through my postgraduate degree it’s mostly to do with the course I’m studying. My course is very simple to explain but being a Master’s student is a whole new learning curve in itself. So I have compiled a list of 10 things I have learnt… Read more »

Taking the Leap from UG to PG

While I was studying Journalism BA at Bournemouth University I never ever considered going on to do a postgraduate course. In my naïve young mind I thought I would graduate, become a news anchor on Channel 4 News, retire a millionaire at forty and that would be that. Very quickly after graduating (in the midst… Read more »

Finding my forte at BU

Harriet Davis, recipient of a BU Music Scholarship, tells us how she’s making the most of her uni experience… Since starting my degree in Advertising and Marketing at Bournemouth three years ago, I’ve wanted to make the most of my time here by utilising the opportunities available to all students. I have been a keen… Read more »

Balancing a job with study

Balancing a job with studying is challenging, but something many of us have to do. Here I share my experiences of juggling the two, the challenges I’ve faced and how I’m overcoming them. I’m fortunate that my working hours are flexible so I can fit work around my studies. The downside is that most of… Read more »

Why I chose BU for my Master’s degree

Meet our new blogger Alice White as she talks about why she’s returned to BU… After working for four years I felt restless. My brain needed a challenge and my career needed a new direction. The idea to study an MA kind of took me by surprise; New Year is always a time for big… Read more »

Funding Fears

Let’s face it, one of the major worries about taking on postgraduate study is often the prospect of opening your wallet to find cobwebs instead of cash. The expectation of this occurrence can drive many people away from looking into postgraduate study, but there are ways to overcome the spectre of the empty purse.  … Read more »

Things I do when I have to study

I present to you, the truth. We’re all guilty of doing this. First things first: inhale, exhale (now repeat this for the rest of your university career). Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get into the nitty gritty of organizing yourself and managing your time wisely (so you don’t become that pie chart)…. Read more »