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As much as going to uni is fun, the real reason us students spend our time and money studying is so that we can get on the career ladder. When I was nearing graduation from my undergrad degree at BU the worldwide financial crisis had already reared its ugly head, but my BA from Bournemouth bagged me an awesome job within a month. I’m confident that the combination of hard work on my MA and BU’s reputation will see me back into employment this September. There’s a reason that Bournemouth University has consistently high graduate employment rates – 89% for PG students.

Scholarships and Bursaries

This is the ultimate student discount! If you’re sporty, musical or if you did well in your previous academic achievements then you could qualify for a serious bonus from BU when you start your MA. They are worth from £1,000 to a full tuition fee waiver, so apply for all and any that you qualify for. I applied for two when I registered for my MA, not thinking that I’d stand a chance of being awarded either of them, but in the end I was awarded a 25% reduction in my tuition fee. That was a good day.

Award-winning (QAA)

In September 2013 the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) awarded Bournemouth University a commendation – it’s the highest award a university can receive, and BU the first in the UK to receive one. This probably won’t have any direct affect on you while you’re a student, but it’s great to know that you’re at a good uni, and anything that boosts BU’s reputation in the eyes of prospective employers is never a bad thing.


Bournemouth is a great town, but if you fancy venturing further afield then London, Southampton, Salisbury, Bristol, Bath and Portsmouth are easy to reach by train, car or bus. This also allows the university to bring in guest speakers who are often industry leaders – a great way to make contacts and nab some work experience.

Accommodation & Facilities

BU has pumped a lot of money into building and revamping awesome accommodation for students, as well as a massive new study centre, which should be finished for September 2015. Add this to the existing library, gym, media centre and science facilities and you’ll want for nothing more.

By the sea

OK – let’s get down to the serious reasons; sun, sea and sand. No matter how stressful uni work might get, a short walk from town for an ice cream on the seafront is a sure way to relax. Just make sure you head down there early in the summer to grab the best bathing spot.

By Alice White

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