My uni application story

For me, applying to university was an absolute mess. The process began in November, which seemed rather early, but trust me this is the time to start. I was extremely excited so was quick to sign up for university open days. I simply picked the first subject that came to my mind as a likely… Read more »

How to spend your last year before uni

I am sure there are hundreds of ‘to do lists’ floating around your news feed about what you need to complete before attending uni. Don’t worry, I’ll not swamp you with too much info. I will list my top four things I think you should try to do before you get here. Let’s get to… Read more »

What I learnt during my first year

At university you learn a lot more than just your degree subject, for most people it’s the first time they move away from home. Suddenly you have a LOT of responsibilities that most of us aren’t really prepared for. You really are thrown in at the deep end when you go to university and BU… Read more »

My sandwich placement at Airbus

I joined the PR course at BU as an international student from Lithuania eager to make the most of the opportunities that a degree in the UK offers. During my placement year I was lucky enough to work as the Internal Communication and Community Engagement Intern at Airbus in the UK. My role included anything… Read more »

Benny’s story: The first step

Meet our new vlogger, Benny Sing! He’s just joined us to study BSc (Hons) Games Technology, and he’ll be sharing his story over the next year. Watch his first vlog to see Benny moving into the Student Village and getting a first look at our Talbot Campus…

Halls becoming home

As it sunk in that I was clear of Clearing and closer to moving to uni, accommodation seemed the next check-box to be ticked! I was sure the chance of me getting into Halls of Residence was unlikely, yet I applied anyway, having gained high hopes from a confirmed place on my chosen course. When… Read more »

Freshers’ halls guide: Lansdowne Point

LANSDOWNE POINT IS A COMPLETELY NEW HALLS OF RESIDENCE, SO INSTEAD OF LEAVING IT BEING LEFT OUT OF THE HALLS GUIDE SERIES, I DECIDED TO HEAD OVER THERE AND CHECK IT OUT! I was lucky enough to get a tour through Lansdowne point today and I was totally impressed! Each student has their own en-suite room… Read more »

My first week: Making new friends

It can all be very daunting when moving to a new town or city, especially when you are away from everything and everyone you know. I for one was an example of this, as in order to undertake my scriptwriting course I was to move away from London to Bournemouth. Of course moving away from… Read more »