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BSc (Hons) Psychology

Luckily for me, I rarely have 9am lectures – I guess the Psychology lecturers don’t want to start work at the crack of dawn either!

8:30  I wake up, with great difficulty, and cobble a socially acceptable outfit together. By the time I’ve finished getting ready it’s time to catch the U3 bus to Uni, which couldn’t be easier with the bus stop right outside my house.

9:40  When I get to Uni, I usually have 20 minutes or so spare before my lecture so I head to Starbucks to pick up a caramel macchiato, by which point it’s usually time to accept my fate and go to the Lees Lecture Theatre…


10:00  First on the agenda is a Clinical and Developmental Psychology lecture which consists of information we will need for exams as well as giving out information on upcoming assignments.

11:00  Luckily I don’t have a lecture after this one so I’m just in time for Dylan’s fry up as they stop  serving it at 12pm- a tradition for me and my course mates.

13:00  Next, I have an Experimental Methods and Statistical Analysis lecture, the only module that continues throughout the entire year.

14:00  Following this lecture, I have a Clinical and Developmental Psychology seminar, an easy place to ask questions about assignments and expand on the lecture earlier on in the day.

15:00  After this I’ll meet up with a friend and we’ll head to the library and we’ll either go through lectures, revise for exams, plan out assignments or, let’s face it, more commonly just catch up with a second Starbucks of the day.

17:30  Depending on the day, I will head off to choir practice; a session either putting the finishing touches to pieces for a performance, or ploughing through new pieces to learn the general gist.

Choir practice

19:30  After a busy day I love to head to Stokewood Leisure Centre to do a few lengths in the pool – not forgetting a quick relax in the sauna afterwards.

21:00  After swimming I finally make the trek home (3 minute walk). I’m usually too knackered to go “out out” so I gather the whole house for a game of monopoly…oops…too late…the board has been thrown across the room and everyone has locked themselves in their room. I guess it’s time to go to bed!

By Lizzie Kiely

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