How a placement enhanced my skills

Hammed is an MSc Information Technology student who has spent his placement with Clearview Imaging. In his blog he talks about how he spent his time on placement, what he’s learnt and what his plans for the future are.   In June 2021, I began my professional placement at ClearView Imaging Limited in Thame, England. ClearView… Read more »

Why BU’s MSc Nutrition and Behaviour is unique

Nutrition and Behaviour here at BU is truly a unique course (as the title suggests) and is unlike any you will find at other universities. It is the first course to combine the fundamental principles of nutrition, with the psychology behind these eating behaviours. If you are interested in how our brain affects what we decide… Read more »

Lauren’s journey to BU

When I graduated in May 2015 so many emotions and worries were going through my head. I had a friend tell me as we were waiting to walk out to our graduation ceremony, “Lauren you don’t look so happy right now.” It wasn’t that I was unhappy, I was just worried about my future. It… Read more »

Gina’s journey to Forensic Toxicology (Part Two)

Abingdon Health Ltd – Birmingham Research Park, University of Birmingham I was gratified studying within toxicology and my thesis-topic fitted with my desire to analyse biologically natural toxins, giving me the opportunity to spend two weeks working in a functioning Research & Development laboratory with a commercial company (Abingdon Health Ltd).   Arriving at the… Read more »

Gina’s journey to Forensic Toxicology (Part One)

From childhood I’ve dreamed of one thing, working with venomous animal species. My fascination stemmed from my obsession with naturalist Steve Irwin. I remember waiting eagerly for Irwin’s shows and taking in my beloved VHS recorded ‘Crocodile Hunter’ and ‘Venomous Snakes of…’ to my nursery class, convinced everyone had the same passion as me; in… Read more »