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Nutrition and Behaviour here at BU is truly a unique course (as the title suggests) and is unlike any you will find at other universities. It is the first course to combine the fundamental principles of nutrition, with the psychology behind these eating behaviours. If you are interested in how our brain affects what we decide to eat, and how the food we eat effects our brain, then this is the course for you!

I chose the MSc Nutrition and Behaviour course at Bournemouth University for many reasons. I studied my BSc (Hons) Nutrition degree at BU, and went straight on to the MSc the following year. I knew that the Nutrition department was full of friendly and supportive staff, who constantly listen to your feedback to improve their sessions even more. The feedback they take on board means our sessions become highly personal to the students. I also know that if I am struggling at BU, there is always someone to turn to for support.

The Nutrition and Behaviour MSc is based at Lansdowne campus. The buildings are spread out and each has its own character. The executive business centre is a particularly nice building to work within, and there are special areas specifically for postgraduate students, so you always know you’ll be able to find somewhere to sit and work! And if you ever fancy a change of scenery, you’re free to use all of the facilities at Talbot campus too!

Taken from an EEG study week (my MSc placement)

Out on placement

The course is very varied. Coming from the degree I did, I already had a strong understanding of Nutrition when I began the course. Around half of my course mates did not come from a Nutrition background and the leader of the course runs tutorials in the first few weeks to get students up to speed on the fundamentals of nutrition. The students found these so helpful! You also get to do a placement as part of your MSc. This helps you stand out when you apply for jobs in the future! I am doing a placement as a research assistant in the Psychology department. I get to assist with lots of studies in different areas of nutrition and psychology. I am gaining experience in a variety of experimental techniques, which will look great on my CV! I’ve had the opportunity to work on a systematic review, and learnt to use Electroencephalography so far! In my 4 years at Bournemouth University I have had countless opportunities to expand my knowledge of the practical applications of the subjects I learn, and I think this sets my university apart from the rest.

By Jess, MSc Nutrition and Behaviour, current student

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