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When I graduated in May 2015 so many emotions and worries were going through my head. I had a friend tell me as we were waiting to walk out to our graduation ceremony, “Lauren you don’t look so happy right now.” It wasn’t that I was unhappy, I was just worried about my future.

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It is now August 25th, 2016 and I couldn’t be happier with the path I’ve chosen to take. I landed a job as an assistant manager for the clothing company Hollister. It wasn’t what I expected it to be at ALL, but I made many friends there and also learned so much. I traveled to the Philippines, Yosemite, Laguna Beach, Scotland, Disneyland, Malibu and more!

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I also was accepted to study at Bournemouth University in September! Leaving home to do my MSc wasn’t always what I expect to do, but I’ve always liked surprises.

There were many steps taken to get to where I am now. Some of them were not always easy and lots of them cost me money. However, in the end, I think it will all be paid back in full after I have my MSc title. So here are my top tips for you to follow on your journey:


  1. Create a check list
  2. Ask your family and friends for help
  3. Research accommodation on and off campus
  4. Apply for scholarships
  5. Start researching Tier 4 Visa requirements as soon as possible
  6. Apply for FAFSA aka Federal Aid (or an equivalent option in your country)
  7. Research banks to use and phone companies to switch to
  8. Pack it all up and say your goodbyes!!!
  9. Know that your only limit, is you.
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