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Hammed is an MSc Information Technology student who has spent his placement with Clearview Imaging. In his blog he talks about how he spent his time on placement, what he’s learnt and what his plans for the future are.  

In June 2021, I began my professional placement at ClearView Imaging Limited in Thame, England. ClearView Imaging is a leading supplier of machine vision systems, a wide range of hardware components, software, and services to the machine vision, image analysis, medical imaging, and video surveillance industries. ClearView’s key customers are System Integrators and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) in the industries listed below.

  • Industrial Inspection
  • Semiconductor
  • Robotics
  • Medical Imaging
  • Microscopy
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Sports Analysis

I got the job at ClearView Imaging after applying on LinkedIn. I was hired as a warehouse and engineering associate after a few interviews with senior applications engineers and the operations director.

My primary responsibilities include the use of parts storage and material labelling with reference numbers for proper identification. Accurate data entry into the Parts Management System, with close attention to detail to best support the business, transition to and set up a new warehouse enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. All incoming broken units are tested to diagnose hardware or software faults and, where possible, resolve them. In-depth technical support and troubleshooting for systems and OEM customers when problems arise, with a special focus on industrial cameras, but also assistance with issues and questions about all other machine vision elements such as lighting systems, software, IPCs, and lenses. Proof-of-concept and prototype development, Installation, commissioning, repair, and maintenance of ClearView bespoke systems such as CheckMate Vision and VisionBox.

Working in an office environment allows me to see how my skills benefit from face-to-face interaction with others. My line manager and all of my colleagues provided me with tremendous support and reassurance, allowing me to greatly improve my technical and collaboration skills.

CVI has a strong sense of culture, with numerous activities planned on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis for everyone to enjoy. Friday lunch, Tennis and Pub, summer and end-of-year parties, and other activities are available. This deeply ingrained sense of culture has had a significant impact on how I work and how comfortable I am expressing myself to my colleagues.

Being a part of a small-medium-sized company has allowed me to greatly expand my knowledge and skills in a variety of areas. I was able to take on multiple roles and truly understand how everything works from beginning to end. In addition to gaining technical knowledge in Software programming, SAP, SQL, JIRA, Database, Networking, Industrial PC building, Supply chain, Machine Vision, and other areas, I have greatly improved my personal communication, product management, and collaboration skills. All these abilities will be useful in my future career, university degree, and lifestyle.

I intend to stay with Clearview Imaging and further develop my skills in order to become a mid-level / senior application engineer within the company, and I am pleased that CVI intends to hire me after I complete my studies at Bournemouth University. Working in a small-medium sized company has allowed me to see and work in all areas of the company, as well as gain skills in areas that I would not have seen in larger companies. Taking a placement year was crucial to my final year of university. I’ve gained a plethora of new skills and knowledge, giving me a significant head start on my dissertation.

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