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Many of our graduates decide to return to BU to study a Master’s degree. Each has their own reasons. Hear why Jovana decided to stay at BU after completing her undergraduate degree in Psychology.

What was your main reason for studying a postgraduate qualification?

Better job prospects.

Why did you decide to stay at/return to BU?

I have loved being at BU and I love living in Bournemouth, also BU was one of the only universities offering MSc Cyber Security and Human Factors to students who did not come from a technical background.

What are the best things about your course and academic experience overall?

The fact that the course is 100% coursework-based is extremely helpful because exams give me extreme anxiety and panic attacks. Also the fact that the lecturers are always on hand to help you if you need anything.

What are your favourite things about living and studying in Bournemouth?

Bournemouth is quite a safe place to live and I love being a five-minute walk from the beach, it’s very peaceful. There’s always something to do in Bournemouth as well, there’s always some sort of event going on.

What were your career aspirations before coming to BU and what are they now?

I wasn’t sure about what exactly I wanted to do but now I know I definitely want to work in the field of cyber security or cyber psychology.

How do you feel your postgraduate experience at BU will help you in your future career?

I feel like it will prepare me for what I want to do as a career, now all I need to do is find some practical experience.

What postgraduate financial support have you been eligible for?

Postgraduate student loan from SFE.

What have been the main differences you’ve found in postgraduate study vs. your first degree?

It’s a lot more focused on specific areas and a lot more research based than undergraduate.

What piece of advice would you give to someone considering BU for their postgraduate studies?

Do it, if you love Bournemouth and there’s a course here that you want to do just go for it.

By Jovana Macakanja

MSc Cyber Security and Human Factors student and BSc (Hons) Psychology graduate.