How to beat stress

Studying can be stressful, particularly when we have exams looming or multiple deadlines piling up.  It’s important to look after yourself throughout these times to keep the negative effects of stress at bay.  That means making time for yourself no matter how much work you have to do; if you burn out you won’t be… Read more »

My greatest achievement this year

Our student bloggers have achieved some incredible things, so we asked them to each pick their greatest achievement this year… Lowri My greatest achievement this year has to be qualifying as a PADI Rescue Diver which means I am a higher level of scuba diver and can handle most distress situations in the water. It took a… Read more »

Why I love MSc Public Health

Lauren tells us what she loves about MSc Public Health… When I rocked up for my first day at BU back in September, I had no idea what to expect.  I knew I was ready to get back into studying, but wasn’t sure how being back in a learning environment would make me feel, what… Read more »

Staying healthy on a student budget

Staying healthy on a student budget may seem tough, but it can be done!  Here are 10 tips to get you started… 1. Cook in bulk Either take it in turns cooking among friends, or cook up a batch of something and chill or freeze what you don’t need. It’ll work out cheaper to cook… Read more »

Thinking about a new career?

Postgraduate study can be a fantastic stepping stone or even an essential step in making a career change. If you’re thinking about using postgraduate study to change your career but are anxious or unsure about this, read on for some tips and inspiration! Changing your career is a huge decision, and not one to be… Read more »

The Postgraduate Development Award

The Postgraduate Development Award (or PGDA) is a great way to both enhance your experience at BU and make steps to improve your employability when you finish studying. The Award provides opportunities to build skills in four key areas (listed below) and to record your activities and achievements in an online portfolio. For me, there… Read more »

Part-time jobs in Bournemouth

While it’d be ideal for most of us to spend all of our time immersed in the student community, in some cases it’s necessary to earn a few pennies at the same time as studying. Here I’ll give some examples of part-time work available locally. If you really can’t bear to tear yourself away from… Read more »

Happy New Year!

Hello and welcome to 2015! I hope this year will be the happiest and most successful one yet for everyone. If you’re not convinced it will be, why not try something new or different to spice the year up and make the best of it? Here are a few ideas… Visit a new place This… Read more »

New Year’s Resolutions

Now that they’re back into the swing of studying, our Postgraduate bloggers tell us their New Year’s resolutions for 2015… Join in the conversation and comment below with your 2015 plans! Completing my Masters is obviously one! I’m also a member at Stokewood leisure centre in Winton and plan to go there more often in… Read more »

Balancing a job with study

Balancing a job with studying is challenging, but something many of us have to do. Here I share my experiences of juggling the two, the challenges I’ve faced and how I’m overcoming them. I’m fortunate that my working hours are flexible so I can fit work around my studies. The downside is that most of… Read more »

Postgrad assessments: a big step up

Lauren Bishop has already had a few postgraduate assessments, so she’s got some advice on how to ace them… If you’re considering taking up postgraduate study, you might wonder how assessment differs from undergraduate. I pondered this before embarking on my Masters; I kept hearing ‘it’s a big step up’, but didn’t know what that meant…. Read more »

What’s it like, now that I’m here?

On completing my undergraduate degree, I knew for sure I wasn’t done with studying, but it’s taken three years and much deliberation to get round to starting my Master’s. Despite all that thinking time, I made my decision to apply quite late in the day. The result was a fairly hurried (although also suitably researched!)… Read more »