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lauren-bishopWhile it’d be ideal for most of us to spend all of our time immersed in the student community, in some cases it’s necessary to earn a few pennies at the same time as studying. Here I’ll give some examples of part-time work available locally.

If you really can’t bear to tear yourself away from the student lifestyle, you could try for a part-time job that integrates you into the student community. For instance, look out for jobs in the university eating & drinking establishments and shops, or if retail isn’t your thing you could look into becoming a Student Ambassador, or a Blogger like me!

Outside of university, there are often part-time jobs going at local supermarkets and other shops, bars, cafes and restaurants. These types of workplaces also often look for temporary seasonal staff, so if you don’t want to work during term-time but need the extra pennies, you could consider getting a job during the holidays.

There are various part-time work opportunities locally that have the added bonus of being on a flexible or zero-hours basis, so you can choose when you work. This can be helpful in ensuring you have enough time for studying: you can accept more work during quieter periods and less (or none!) during assignment-heavy or exam periods.

For example, the Local Authorities (Bournemouth Borough Council, Borough of Poole and so on) often look to recruit temporary members of staff to provide cover or extra support during busy times. These include full-time and part-time roles and can range from a week or two to many months. The beauty is that you can say yes or no to any placement that’s offered to you, and since these are zero-hours contracts it’s within your rights to drop the work if things get too busy with your studies.

If retail and office jobs aren’t for you, there are also plentiful health and care roles available, which Health and Social Care students may be particularly interested in! For example, Dorset HealthCare offers Bank Mental Health Support Worker and Health Care Assistant roles, and Autism Wessex recruits Relief Support Workers to work with their clients in the community. These offer flexible shifts that you can say yes or no to, but in my experience there is always work available in these roles so you won’t be short of hours!

If you’re looking for part-time work, I hope this post has given you a little inspiration and wish you all the best in your job hunt!

By Lauren Bishop

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