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lauren-bishopStaying healthy on a student budget may seem tough, but it can be done!  Here are 10 tips to get you started…

1. Cook in bulk

Either take it in turns cooking among friends, or cook up a batch of something and chill or freeze what you don’t need. It’ll work out cheaper to cook for three or four than for one, plus if you don’t have to prepare a meal every day you’ll be less tempted to go for a junk food convenience meal.

healthy-1-edPasta dishes are great to cook in bulk as you can reheat it or enjoy just as much cold!

2. Keep an eye on your portion sizes

If you’re cooking a big batch it may be tempting to eat more than you need in a sitting.  Know how many servings you’re making, only serve yourself as much as you need and only eat until you’re full.  A good tip is to use smaller plates to trick yourself into serving smaller portions!

3. Walk or cycle

This will have great benefits for your physical health and mental wellbeing.  It’s also free and might save you money on petrol or public transport!

4. Regulate your alcohol intake

This may be a challenging one in the student community!  When out, try alternating alcoholic drinks with a water or soda & lime, which will save you precious pennies and liver function!  Also be careful not to pour huge quantities when drinking at home.  Use narrow glasses rather than wide ones and you’ll automatically pour less!

5. Get into fruit & veg!

We all know it’s good for us but a lot of us don’t eat enough.  Most of the big supermarkets have offers on selected fruit & veg each week (e.g. Aldi’s Super 6) so you can get them really cheap.  Some of the best snacks come out of fruit and veg, like carrot sticks with hummus or chopped apple with peanut butter.

healthy-2-edA happy and healthy breakfast! Mashed avocado and seeds on Corn Thins with cherry tomatoes.  Balanced and delicious!

6. If you’re a meat eater, try and have a meat free day or two each week.

Most of us eat too much meat, so it’ll be good for you as well as saving money.  Try lentils as a super cheap and nutritious meat alternative (I would highly recommend BBC Good Food’s veggie cottage pie!

7. Use the BU sports facilities and clubs

Being a student is a great opportunity to try sports and activities way cheaper than you can do them anywhere else – sometimes for free! Any physical activity will keep you fit and away from temptation to spend too much time on less-than-healthy pastimes!


8. Break bad habits

Try replacing an unhealthy habit with a healthy one.  For instance, if you’re one to have a biscuit with every cup of tea, while the kettle’s boiling run up and down the stairs or do a few push-ups to stop yourself from automatically reaching for the biscuit tin!

9. Hang out at the beach or in a park

Being outside is great for your mental wellbeing.  It costs nothing, and surely having a laugh with friends kicking a football around or playing Frisbee beats spending a fortune on going to the cinema or the pub?!

Healthy 3

We’re blessed with beautiful surroundings in Bournemouth and Poole.  Go out and appreciate it for a free way to stay healthy!

10. Practice mindfulness

It’s free and perfect for stress relief.  It may seem hard to fit in around busy study schedules, but if you’re feeling more relaxed you’ll be more productive when you are working.  There are tonnes of free tracks online and some free apps too.  Try the Dorset Mindfulness Centre for an introduction.

By Lauren Bishop