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MSc Public Health

On completing my undergraduate degree, I knew for sure I wasn’t done with studying, but it’s taken three years and much deliberation to get round to starting my Master’s. Despite all that thinking time, I made my decision to apply quite late in the day. The result was a fairly hurried (although also suitably researched!) application and decision making process during the summer. I chose BU based mainly on a combination of the appealing course content for the MSc in Public Health, and the fact that it is the most local university to my current home, making it a convenient and practical choice. That said, I didn’t know what a good decision I’d made until I arrived!

So, on 22 September, I turned up at Bournemouth House for the first time and was very pleasantly surprised by what I found. It wasn’t that I didn’t think Bournemouth was a good university; I just hadn’t realised quite how good it was going to be! My induction day was really relaxed, and although I was keen to get my teeth into the course content, in hindsight it was great that we had that chance to get to know each other, our tutors and BU in a calm and supportive environment.

It quickly became clear that the tutors really are there to support students as much as possible, and this first impression has been reinforced over the weeks. My tutors have been nothing short of fantastic: helpful, supportive, knowledgeable and lovely! I’m incredibly impressed by the masses of library resources available, not only in the form of books, journals, etc, but also the seemingly unlimited and boundless support from staff.

There is an endless list of services available at BU: group or 1:1 study support, counselling, chaplaincy, the Postgraduate Development Award, IT support, sports facilities, clubs, societies, entertainment, great coffee shops – the list goes on! Not only this, but I have also been fortunate enough to meet a very charming, interesting and entertaining group of fellow students on my course.

All in all, that makes BU one great place to study!


Written by Lauren Bishop