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Our student bloggers have achieved some incredible things, so we asked them to each pick their greatest achievement this year…


My greatest achievement this year has to be qualifying as a PADI Rescue Diver which means I am a higher level of scuba diver and can handle most distress situations in the water. It took a lot of hard work, both in the classroom and in the water through exams and mock scenarios. I’m proud I’ve done it and feel even safer enjoying myself under water now! And here’s a picture of me looking very attractive in my dry suit and hood…




I acted as a Script Supervisor for my first ever drama shoot! It was the first time I’d ever been on set, and I really enjoyed the role of watching for continuity, as well as making sure the actors followed the script. My other highlights are having a short documentary I edited feature on BBC3 Fresh, and achieving a distinction in the diploma phase of my MA! All the hard work is beginning to pay off 🙂



My greatest achievement this year has been securing a job as a Wellness Coach at LiveWell Dorset.  It feels like lots of things I’ve learnt from my studies and work experience over the last few years are all coming together in a job I feel suits me really well.  I’ve known for a while I wanted to do something that helps people to live healthier lifestyles, and that’s exactly what I get to do in this job!  Not only that, but it’s funded by Public Health Dorset, which means the work aligns with a lot of the things I’ve come to value during my current studies in Public Health, which no doubt was a big helping hand in getting the job!


I had always been an observer watching from the side lines, listening to performances of friends who were piano major students and wondering if it would ever be me on that stage.  Thanks to BU’s music department and Vianna Renaud, I can now say yes, I have been on that stage. The feeling – simply amazing!