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from Kenya


MSc Events Management

Graduating is always the icing on the cake when it comes to education. It is that moment when you finally close the chapter to one part of your educational story. Graduating with a postgraduate degree in Events Management was my second biggest accomplishment; my first being graduating from my undergraduate degree. However, with graduation comes the start to a new adventure. This new stage comes with new responsibilities, new adjustments, new environment and certainly a new life.

As I look back at my one year at Bournemouth University, I can say I had an amazing year and I would certainly do it all over again if I could. However, this time with knowledge on three things; that would have made my experience and time in Bournemouth even more fulfilling especially as an international student.

  1. Placements are important

While some might say that a work placement is not important, I definitely now disagree. When I was joining BU, all I was thinking about was my degree. I was under the notion that one year would be enough. However, that extra one year doing a placement is so worthwhile. And I don’t only mean that for events management students, but literally for anyone doing a postgraduate degree. If there’s an option to do one, do it!

  1. Do as much as you can

The year goes by so fast. Engaging yourself in different activities is not only good for your CV but good for you. You know what they say “all work without play makes jack a dull boy”. Luckily for me, I participated in the Global Talent Programme, represented the university in the futsal team, and became a Student Ambassador. However, I still wish I did more. BU has so much to do or be a part of, and when I look back, I wish I participated in more clubs and societies. You only realise that time sprints when you are walking down that aisle during graduation. The biggest advice I could give with this, is finding out all that there is to do as a postgraduate student when you join and then actually doing what you can. It’s so easy to say that postgraduate students don’t have time, but honestly time can be created. It’s what you do with your time that counts. 

  1. Start your job search early

When I say early, I mean early. Don’t wait until the last minute to look for a job. Attend career fairs, visit the career center within the university and look out for opportunities by talking to people or searching online. This is so important for international students because once you have graduated there is not enough time to search for a job. Gaining that extra experience in the real world increases your worth and credibility in your field. Whether it’s one year or even two years of experience, it will definitely put you a notch higher than others within your field. This is because you have the exposure and experience to match your education.