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Every year, thousands of students just like you and I decide to go to university and, more often than not, our decision to do so is based around wanting to increase our job prospects and widen our employment opportunities. While this is great it also means every year there are thousands of students like you and I who are graduating; and therefore, rather annoyingly, thousands of students after the same job!

It’s therefore more important than ever to make sure your CV really stands out from the crowd and demonstrates that you’re a real all-rounder! “But how do I make sure I stand out?” I hear you ask. Well, I’ve listed five top ways to give your CV that extra needed boost to make sure you give yourself the best chance possible to get that dream job of yours…

1. Get a part-time job

One of the best ways to ensure you get a job when you leave uni is to, well, get a job! Besides earning some extra money, having a part-time job shows future employers you understand the working world and also provides you with those all too valuable transferable skills employers require you to have. Things such as working in a team and being able to manage your time between working and your degree are vital skills which, allow you to stand out.

2. Work Experience 

If you have your sights set on a particular career, possibly the most significant thing you can do to ensure your CV stands out above all the others is to gain work experience in that industry. Although it can be so tempting to use your summer to enjoy catching up with your friends or those lie-ins without the daunting prospect of a 9am lecture, taking out even just a week of your summer holidays to gain some experience will do wonders for your CV! This shows employers you are serious about your chosen career as well as demonstrating dedication and commitment. The fact you would have had previous experience in the kinds of tasks involved in your career will also be very attractive to employers as it shows you are familiar with the working environment.

Here’s a guide I’ve found and used about getting work experience.

3. Join a Society

One of the more fun ways you can really add to your CV is becoming a member of a society. There are loads of societies to choose from at BU including the dance society, Disney society, Harry Potter society, Drum and Bass society, LGBTQ society and the real ale society. Being a part of a society, whether it’s career specific or just for fun can liven up a CV and allow your personality to really shine through.

You can find the full list of societies here.

CV - Club and Society

Or, don’t just join a society – make one! At BU you can also create your own society which is another brilliant way to boost your CV as this demonstrates key skills such as organisation, management and being able to work within a team. Details on how to create your own society can be found here.


4. Volunteering

Volunteering can be one of the best, not to mention most rewarding, ways to create an impressive CV. Although transferable skills are a hit with employers, they will also look at what kind of person you are. By having volunteering on your CV this will portray you in a positive light and depict you, along with your skills and degree, as a well-rounded person who they would be keen to employ. Whether it’s volunteering in your local charity shop or taking advantage of BU opportunities such as RAG, this is sure to make your CV stand out from the crowd!

For more information on RAG please follow this link.

Here are some pictures of my friends currently volunteering in Uganda via RAG:


5. Specific to BU

As well as all these easy ways to give your CV that all important edge, there are also loads more opportunities available at BU to improve your CV, such as the Student Development Award, undertaking student ambassador roles and becoming subject heroes, bloggers and vloggers!


Details of these can of course be found on the Bournemouth University website.




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