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Now that I’m a second year student and I successfully conquered my first year at university, I feel like the headmaster of Hogwarts from Harry Potter – very old and very wise! But everyone, at first, feels clueless and not so wise, so here are some things I wish someone had told me before I came to university. Hopefully you can learn from me and start growing your white beard of university success early.


They really do enrich your time spent at uni. Not only are societies a great way of making new friends and learning about things that you actually want to learn, you go on a lot of socials and trips! What’s more fun, spending your evenings watching Netflix or fun trips such as joining the BUSnowriders skiing in France? Trick question, because there’s also a film society which holds film festivals…

Money management

I’m no Richard Branson, so when I saw my first student loan roll in, I got a little bit too excited. Suddenly salmon fillets for lunch and 10 pairs of Topshop jeans were a necessity. Like a horror movie, my account was in the red and I was broke. Too proud to call my parents for help, I quickly diverted to rice every day for dinner. Yes, just rice. Looking back, I will definitely say, budget your money. Keep track of your spending and make sure you are aware of how much you can spend and save. It’s way too easy to say ‘another cocktail won’t hurt’ until you find out you’ve spent £30 on strawberry daiquiris (true story). Also, don’t feel like you’re too good to ask for help.

Pick up the phone!

Don’t forget to call your parents or guardians to keep them updated on your life and your course. And don’t forget to text your mates from sixth form asking them how their uni experience has been so far – keep up with your old mates from home as much as you can.

By Daniella Conway

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