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Here are Daniella’s top tips for stretching your student budget…

Daniella-ConwayCalculating your costs
You can do this either monthly or termly, but it is best to calculate how much you will spend on rent, bills, food etc. One way to make sure you stick to your costs if you’re out is to take out what you can spend in cash and then leave your card at home. This forces you to budget in situations where it could be easy to overspend.

Discounts, discounts, discounts
One advantage of being a student is that you get discounts in many high street shops if you show your ID or NUS card. Places like Topshop or Superdrug normally knock 10% off the original price. Granted it’s only £2 most of the time, but it all adds up! Another way to save money is to download the UniDays app, where you can get discounts online and in store.student-card-ed

Switching habits
Maybe it’s time to swap your expensive Ciroc vodka or Waitrose salmon for cheaper alternatives. Again, the extra £10 you save each week will add up to £40 in a month, which could be saved for a rainy day.

The library is your best friend
Depending on your subject, some textbooks are vital and you will probably need to spend a fair bit on them. Although don’t mistake this for buying every book listed on your reading list. Bournemouth University has a large library and you will find most of the books you need for your course in there instead of paying the expensive prices. You can also sell your textbooks (or for that matter anything you don’t use anymore) online on Amazon or eBay.

Jam jar with note, 'Donations welcome'Picking the right piggy bank

Shop around and compare for the best student bank accounts. The best one would be the one with the 0% interest overdraft and a helpful freebie, don’t pick one just because its ATM is the closest to you.

Purchase in advance
If you know you’re going home for your Mum’s birthday in November, buy your train tickets in September/October. The prices are way cheaper in advance compared to if you buy it the day before you need it, so be smart and book it early and while you’re at it, book in your winter break tickets too.

By Daniella Conway

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