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Daniella-ConwayDaniella Conway tells us about her life as an Accounting and Finance student.

7:30 – Attempt to wake up (and fail).

8:00 – Wake up and get ready for university.

9:20 – Catch the U3 bus into university. I always have a spare 20 minutes or so, so I either go to the library to print off lecture slides or wait in Starbucks until lectures begin.

10:00 – Microeconomics lecture. Mostly just going through content we need to know for the exam and my lecturer would also talk about the upcoming assignments, on things to include and how to structure it.

12:00 – Lunch in the canteen at my favourite, Papa Johns, with my course mates. Sometimes, if we have any upcoming group work, it’s the perfect time to do the group work during lunch.

14:00 – Mathematics seminar, going through past midterm papers. We normally use this for revising for the end of unit exams.

15:00 – Go home, sometimes maybe making my way to ASDA to pick up a few random bits I need for the fridge. The lazy in me always makes me end up back in bed for a nap.

17:00 – Depending on the day, I either go to a sports class with my best friend (sometimes it’s dance at the Pavilion or it’s social badminton at SportBU) or if I’m feeling lazy I spend the evening catching up with uni work or TV shows like Hollyoaks or Eastenders. After this, I would usually make dinner.

21:00 – Again depending on the day, get ready to go out that night (Wednesday nights are reserved for going out to Cameo), or if it’s a night like Monday where I have uni the next day, I know it’s not wise to go out so I’d just stay in!

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