My journey through Clearing!

Sometimes in life we have to take alternative routes to get where we want to. Clearing is sort of like an alternative route to get into university. I know a lot of people get scared at the idea of going through clearing but honestly, it’s not that scary at all. Listen to my story: Shaay… Read more »

What to expect from a Clearing Open Day

Firstly, don’t panic! You’ve probably just had some of the most stressful days of your life. I know exactly how you feel because that was me last year. You’ve done the difficult bit; getting offers through Clearing and now you’re coming to have a look round Bournemouth Uni to see if you can see yourself… Read more »

How I used Clearing to change courses

When people talk about Clearing, sometimes a lot of negative comments and remarks are made. Clearing wasn’t even mentioned to a lot of people at school, and when completing university forms everyone has in their mind the aim to get the grades they want and get into their number one choice. But Clearing is a… Read more »

How to prepare for Clearing

Clearing. This time last year I sat my Mum down and explained the controversial topic of ‘what if’ I didn’t get into my chosen course at my chosen university? I just didn’t think Clearing was an option. Flash forward one year and I have finished my first year on a different course at a university… Read more »

Why you should come to a Clearing Open Day

Getting a place through Clearing is great, but have you thought about attending one of our Clearing Open Days? Be it before you’ve confirmed your place or afterwards, it’s still important to come and view the university you’ve chosen. Clearing may have been a bit of a rush for you, and most people are in… Read more »

Diop’s Clearing story

Hi! My name is Diop and I came to Bournemouth University through Clearing. Initially I had chosen BU as one of my five uni choices and I was accepted on a conditional offer. I visited the uni for an Open Day and was really impressed with all the facilities and very excited about the prospect… Read more »