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Applying through Clearing for university can be a stressful time, but once you have your place confirmed, you can begin to plan for the next year ahead! Accommodation is one of the first things most people think about, and there are so many options available so it doesn’t have to be daunting. I was lucky enough to get a room in a Unilet house and it was a great place to live for my fresher year.

Initially, I was nervous that there wouldn’t be any university managed accommodation left, but after looking on the accommodation portal I found a whole range of Unilet houses. Unilet houses are houses managed by the university around Bournemouth. They have a bit of a different atmosphere to halls and are a great choice if there are rooms available. Having a bus pass made it easy to get in and out of uni and town, meaning that not being in halls wasn’t a problem for nights out. I also liked being in a house rather than halls because it felt like I had more freedom and independence.

Applying for accommodation through clearing doesn’t guarantee you a place in a BU managed property, and sometimes there isn’t anything on the accommodation portal which will be of interest to you. No need to fret! There are a whole host of alternatives available!

Living in a private house is great and it is easy and simple to find other BU students also looking for a housemate on our BU Find a Housemate Facebook Page. There are also lots of top tips to make sure you find the best accommodation possible on there.

If you really want to live in halls in your first year of university, then there are other companies that run them such as Lulworth Student Company which have halls you can privately rent. These are located in the same area as most of the BU run halls so you won’t miss out on anything!

Most people are moving away from home for the first time when they come to university and it can be an exciting but scary thought. I really loved my first year of Uni and was so happy with the accommodation that I chose. I think living in a house was a really great experience and I hope you find somewhere equally as nice!

By Jem Minnigin – MDes (Hons) Product Design

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