Clearing or gap year?

This time a year ago I had no idea what I was doing with my life. Sounds like typical over dramatic me, doesn’t it? I’d applied to university and was waiting for A-level results, so surely I was going to continue on that path – problem was I didn’t want to do that course any… Read more »

I changed courses through Clearing

Being an international student, applying for universities can be overwhelming. The Clearing experience was much better than I expected, and one that I’m glad I went through. I went through Clearing three years ago, when I was at a different university studying a different degree, which was LLB Law. I didn’t enjoy the course and… Read more »

Clearing: How does it work?

You might have heard about Clearing before, or you might be wondering what it is and whether it’s something you need to know about. Clearing is the final chance for you to find a place at uni this year. There are a few different reasons you might go through Clearing: If you didn’t quite meet… Read more »

Gabriella’s Clearing story

Gabriella Compton has just finished her BSc (Hons) Anthropology degree after coming to BU through Clearing. I was originally planning to do something like English or Psychology at university, but then I didn’t do as well in my A-levels as I initially thought. I didn’t meet my predicted grades to get into the universities that… Read more »

Get clear about Clearing: our advice

Clearing doesn’t need to be complicated, so we asked Karen Pichlmann, Head of Admissions at BU, to give you some advice ahead of your exam results. First things first – think about what courses and universities you might like to approach if you find yourself in Clearing. “Choosing a place through Clearing is no different from… Read more »

Your top questions: 2015 undergrads special

The askBU team has been even busier than usual this week! There have been lots of questions from those of you wanting to join us this September, so here are some answers… What is Clearing? Clearing is the final part of the university admissions process. It’s organised by UCAS in July and August and is… Read more »

I applied to BU through Clearing…

By Emma Craig BU 2014 graduate, BA (Hons) Events and Leisure Marketing I had always wanted to go to university since I started college as I realised how many doors it could open for me. I started college with four A-levels, Health and Social Care, Maths, Human Biology and Sport but after my first term I… Read more »

Clearing 2014

It’s that time of year when many of you are making the all-important decisions about your future. If you’re looking to go to university but didn’t quite meet the 30 June UCAS deadline, or you didn’t receive any offers from your initial university choices, or perhaps your exam results weren’t as you’d expected, then Clearing… Read more »