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Clearing can seem overwhelming and so we want to make the experience a little less daunting if we can! Here are some top tips from current BU students who came through Clearing:


Nura Hassan
Don’t stress and think clearly. Whatever happened, happened! It’s time to think about now rather than back then.



Sorcha Homer
Don’t panic because you will get what you want eventually, and probably be better off from having gone into clearing!



Lilian Amaning
I’d say don’t rush because it is easy to get really anxious thinking that you wont get into a university but it is important to choose the right university for you – even it is through Clearing. Don’t just simply settle for the first available university you find.



Ben Russell
Sort out accommodation as fast as possible by looking on social media.




Grace Otuwehinmi
Do not panic – everything will work out!




Paige Gregory
Be willing to compromise with the course you want to study as the one you want may not be available but something similar will be.



Betty Saffo
Don’t panic!




Download your copy of the Clearing Toolkit so you’ll have everything you need to get through Clearing and find the perfect match this September! If you’d like to discuss your options give our friendly Future Students Enquiry Team a call on 01202 966777.

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