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My Clearing experience was a little overwhelming at first. I remember the day; it was so bright and sunny. I was happy with my plan to call my top 5 universities to see if there were any vacancies on my favourite course (which was Nursing). Nursing at the time was ‘my thing’ you know and I was so excited to become a nurse but it didn’t go quite to plan…

I called my top 5 universities and asked if they had any spaces in Nursing but they told me “I am so sorry, there are no vacancies”. I was really disappointed and so I called my sister and my friends for advice. They told me I needed to explore other options and after their encouragement I started to look into different courses and began to call other universities.

My best friend suggested I give Bournemouth University a ring. I called up and asked, “Do you have any vacancies in Nursing or Occupational Therapy?”, the answer was no but then one of the administrators asked me if I would be interested in Nutrition. At first, I was like “What the heck is Nutrition?” but it had sparked my interest and so I said “yes”. Then she gave the phone to a current student who was studying Nutrition and they explained everything about the course and what to expect at BU. After our chat I was like hell yes, I am interested!

I will tell you all that I do not regret my decision and I’m glad I went through Clearing because it allowed me to speak to that Nutrition student and opened my eyes to a completely new path. Today I absolutely love the course, it has really given me sense of purpose. BU is a magnificent and beautiful University and the communities within it are lovely and welcoming and we all support each other academically and socially. The Lecturers are also really supportive when you ask for help with assignments.

There are hidden benefits to coming through Clearing – it gives you opportunities to explore other courses that you had not initially considered. It also allows you to learn more about your course and what is involved through interactions with current students.

My three top tips for Clearing:

Firstly, you need to start applying from July if you do not receive any offers or a place from any universities.

Secondly, you need to see what other courses are available apart from your original plan.

Thirdly, always go back to check for new vacancies.

By Catherine Ojechi – BSc (Hons) Nutrition

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