Funding Fears

Let’s face it, one of the major worries about taking on postgraduate study is often the prospect of opening your wallet to find cobwebs instead of cash. The expectation of this occurrence can drive many people away from looking into postgraduate study, but there are ways to overcome the spectre of the empty purse.  … Read more » about Funding Fears

Funding the leap

Making the leap to postgraduate study is a big one, and one which I definitely think is worthwhile taking, as I’ve said in my previous post [], but now you’ve made that decision, you’re going to have to start thinking about money. Postgraduate study is a costly investment, especially if you’re coming straight out of… Read more » about Funding the leap

Because Bournemouth University is different

I believe that everyone has their own reasons for choosing to study at Bournemouth University. Personally, the main reason for me was finding an available course that matched my interests in events, media, advertisement and marketing. BU has several courses in these areas, but specifically MA Advertising and MSc Events Marketing which only a few… Read more » about Because Bournemouth University is different

The perks of being a Student Ambassador

To be one of a group who wear pink shirts as “Student Ambassadors” for Bournemouth University is not easy, but there are some nice advantages behind the position. And straight from my experience, Yes! First of all this job is definitely well paid above the average hourly rate for other part time jobs and the… Read more » about The perks of being a Student Ambassador

What they say – School of Tourism Master’s Graduates

“The course was exactly designed and tailored to the dynamics of the contemporary retailing environment. It’s led by academics who have worked in industry, making the experience invaluable and inspirational.” Murat Satilmis, MSc Retail Management Graduate   “A great course, with a strong emphasis upon emerging issues within the tourism industry and equally well situated… Read more » about What they say – School of Tourism Master’s Graduates

Latest news from BU

New academic building on Talbot Campus We’re delighted to announce that planning permission has been granted for a new academic building on Talbot Campus. It’s due to open in 2016 and will feature seminar rooms, lecture theatres and learning spaces. To find out more about the new building, and see what it will look like… Read more » about Latest news from BU

MA Cinematography for Digital Film and Television – where next?

By Francis Asenso   Graduate from MA Cinematography for Digital Film and Television After completing my studies doing MA Cinematography in Film and Television at Bournemouth University, I went on to work for an advertising agency as their Head of Production for a year. During that time I worked with the casting director for America’s got talent and… Read more » about MA Cinematography for Digital Film and Television – where next?