My BU experience

When I was searching for an MA programme, I loved the fact that BU differentiated itself from other universities by offering a more practical approach to my learning–that is why I ultimately chose to study at BU. I was able to learn the theory behind public relations and then I was able to put that… Read more »

Things I do when I have to study

I present to you, the truth. We’re all guilty of doing this. First things first: inhale, exhale (now repeat this for the rest of your university career). Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get into the nitty gritty of organizing yourself and managing your time wisely (so you don’t become that pie chart)…. Read more »

SUBU what’s in it for you?

What do the following words have in common–a voice for students, advice, fun events/activities, clubs and societies, and Nerve* Media? Students Union at Bournemouth University (aka SUBU) and you (plus the whole of your university career, of course). [To be read in Morgan Freeman’s voice] Here at BU, we like to give you options. Options… Read more »

Time for a change

By Merna Ghabbour It was June 2012; I was re-evaluating what I wanted out of life, specifically my career path. I liked what I was doing for a time, but I wanted more, so I sat in front of my computer for hours on end. I always had a knack for ethics and I enjoyed… Read more »

A January welcome to International Students

By Merna Ghabbour It was September. There was an influx of students from near and far ready to kick off another school year. Some were returning for another year, while others were just preparing for their first year. My journey started in Canada. I know what you’re thinking: I’m a long ways away from home…. Read more »