What awaits me after my course?

I would be graduating from BU soon with an MA in Advertising. At the beginning of the course, I was clueless as to which section of the advertising or marketing industry would suit me the best. Soon enough, with valuable insights gained from interactions with professionals through guest lectures, networking events and conversations with my… Read more » about What awaits me after my course?

Why MA Advertising at BU is your best choice!

If not most of us, at least some of us, popularly associate (almost instantly) the ideology of the advertising industry and practices with the effervescent TV show “Mad Men” who made advertising seem like a mad genius’ work of art. While not all of its portrayals are exact, it is safe to say that the… Read more » about Why MA Advertising at BU is your best choice!

Top tips for choosing your Master’s

Deciding to take up a Master’s degree is a daunting task in itself, some may enroll fresh out of their Bachelor’s or after exploring career options are motivated to venture into academia. No matter if you identify with any of those or not, a huge congratulations on making the decision to consider a Master’s degree…. Read more » about Top tips for choosing your Master’s

How ResLifeBU supports you

The concept of ResLifeBU was very alien and unheard to me before I moved into a BU accommodation hall. A team run and managed by students and staff to ensure quality social and mental well-being for those staying at halls, is ResLifeBU summed up in a sentence. This blog is to do ResLifeBU justice beyond… Read more » about How ResLifeBU supports you

George’s overview of Corfe House accommodation

We offer loads of great accommodation options both on and off-campus. One of our Halls is Corfe House, based in Poole and with frequent bus connections to the Talbot Campus. George has put together this video of some of the highlights of Corfe House, where is is currently a resident.