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The concept of ResLifeBU was very alien and unheard to me before I moved into a BU accommodation hall. A team run and managed by students and staff to ensure quality social and mental well-being for those staying at halls, is ResLifeBU summed up in a sentence. This blog is to do ResLifeBU justice beyond a sentence.

For your Social Well-being:

It is understandably difficult to acclimatize oneself to a new home, even more so when it comes to sharing a building with hundreds of other people. To help us pick ourselves up and get comfortable in our new home, ResLifeBU organizes several intra-hall and inter-house events to get everyone social in our time spent at halls. The events range from a cultural dinner, art evenings to highly-discounted excursions. There are several days that I found myself flustered and distressed with deadlines but participating in an event or movie-night had really lifted my spirits up. It is natural that we become more familiar with our classmates that we tend to not mingle much with others outside that circle. ResLifeBU events have always helped me to ensure I meet new people, have meaningful conversations and improve my networking skills. They also provide a good platform to pick up a new skill or practice a skill. One memory I’d always cherish is my first stand-up bit at an open mic night organized by ResLifeBU. It was a great way to meet students at other halls coupled with an evening of entertainment and pizza! It had a host of singers and musicians who were supportive and would provide valuable feedback to each other.

For your Mental Well-being:

With the flow of keeping up with classes and maintaining a study-leisure balance, it is natural for us to run out of steam and feel a bit grey. Especially with exams around the corner, no barometer can measure the mounting pressure we are taxed with. ResLifeBU takes particular care to ensure we’re composed and collected by making fruits and hot chocolate available for breakfast through exam weeks and Pet days where some dogs, rabbits and interesting reptiles are brought to student halls for us to play with and loosen our shoulders. Occasionally, one might feel the need to talk in-depth about certain issues and for that, you have resident Welfare Assistants whom you can confide in to help you get over some hurdles or point you in the direction of professionals at university.

There is only so much that can be written and much to be experienced when you join accommodation with student halls at BU. If you’re still having second thoughts about moving into halls, know that you’re reading from someone who was in the same seat that you were in, but writing about it now. Looking forward to hearing your ResLifeBU story soon!

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