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MA Advertising

I would be graduating from BU soon with an MA in Advertising. At the beginning of the course, I was clueless as to which section of the advertising or marketing industry would suit me the best. Soon enough, with valuable insights gained from interactions with professionals through guest lectures, networking events and conversations with my professors, I had discovered my interest for copywriting. Moreover, I had developed an interest in the creative sector of advertising, which is the consumer facing part of the business. I am going to share with you, in this blog, my plans for the immediate future and those for the long run.

Short-term plans:

Soon after my realization, I had begun developing necessary skills to strive as a Junior Copywriter by reading books on copywriting and writing sample pieces. I am currently in the process of putting together a strong and comprehensive copywriting portfolio (or book, as some may call it) which I can present to advertising agencies I am eager to work with. Using LinkedIn, I have got in touch with some professional creatives in the industry, some of whom have generously offered to sit down with me and critique my portfolio. I would apply for copywriting internships, which would help give me a grasp of the pace at which a professional space function. The skills that I have honed from university, I believe, would help me to soon turn the internship into a permanent position with the firm.

Freelancing is something that I would continue to carry on, as it helps me widen my skillset as I work with different businesses and challenge myself to sustain client relationships. In an effort to add credible pieces to my portfolio, I had done cost-free work for some cafés in Bournemouth and a dental clinic in Australia. These clients have helped me secure their friends and business partners as clients for my future work, which I look forward to soon get my hands on.

Long-term plans:

I was fortunate to find potential business geniuses in my two friends from my course. We often discuss about the current advertising practices and trends, both globally and of our home country- India. While my interest lies in the creative section, their interest lies in account management and client management, which helps bring the best of both worlds together. After working on few assignments together, we have identified a synergy that existed amongst us. This led us to delve into an idea that, 5 years down the line, after we have gathered experiences from our respective verticals, we would sit down to draw a business plan for our very own advertising agency in India.

It might be a far-fetched dream that we share, but knowing the opportunities that awaits us as we soon leave with our credentials from Bournemouth University helps us believe that our dream is closer to reality than we think it to be.