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MA Advertising

If not most of us, at least some of us, popularly associate (almost instantly) the ideology of the advertising industry and practices with the effervescent TV show “Mad Men” who made advertising seem like a mad genius’ work of art. While not all of its portrayals are exact, it is safe to say that the knowledge and skill that is invested in nurturing an idea, is the difference between a campaign that breaks records and that which barely inspires action. The pivotal structure of the MA Advertising course offered at Bournemouth University is packed with industry-oriented knowledge, whilst shaping you with the tools required to be an innovative thinker. The benefits of the course can be broadly elaborated as follows.

  1. Understand the spectrum of work, to know where you best fit in:

Considering the varied and vast roles that are offered in the advertising industry, it can be hard to wear your heart on a sleeve and place your thumb on a particular speciality. What makes this choice easier is having an appreciable understanding of the different roles and the skills that you bring to the table. In the first semester, students are exposed to a wide array of advertising theories to build a credible foundation to develop a school of thought for future practices. This is interspersed with working in teams on live briefs provided by local agencies. This experience helps to develop research, presentation and more importantly “people” skills. One of the most unique aspects of doing your MA Advertising at BU is the culturally diverse cohort that you indulge with, as classmates. This gives you an insight into best practices of different nations and help you understand how pliable one needs to be in order to be effective in the advertising industry. In the first semester, all the students are also given a peak into the creative side of advertising, which is consumer-facing, to help understand if this might be an area of interest for the students. Engaging and analysing various successful campaigns based on their creative output, students are equipped with the knowledge to decode and study various elements that contribute to the success of a campaign.

In the second semester, the students are given the option of either choosing a semester of account management/creative direction based on their experience in the first semester. You meet a plethora of industry professionals either through guest lectures or networking events hosted at the University. This is one of the most enabling aspects of the course, as such an important decision which shapes your career is not based on any whims or fancies, but on good account as you have dipped your feet in both sides of the lake.

  1. Bootcamp: Practical application in an industry setting

All students are required to apply for a short work-experience programme lasting two weeks with an advertising-/marketing/PR agency, towards the end of the course.

This is a wonderful opportunity to interact with professionals and understand the daily functions of an agency. Working in an agency environment, puts one’s skill to the test to meet professional standards and in the process, raise the standard to which one holds oneself too. Most students use this opportunity to impress their colleagues at the agency to win over a graduate position or to be considered for a follow-up internship with the same agency. So, it is suggested to secure a bootcamp with a favoured/desired agency while hunting for one.

So, if you’re stuck between choosing the best course for you to secure a career in advertising, you would benefit greatly by choosing MA Advertising at Bournemouth University.



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